Session Planner 4.0


Coaches, clubs, publishers and soccer associations around the world have chosen the Session Planner as their standard. 
Premium Version 4.0

  • Available in 5 Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic and Chinese
  • Easily create sessions & drills
  • Share seamlessly via permalink and PDF
  • Create a custom profile with name, language of choice and logo
  • Download new world class content into your own library weekly
  • Access to hundreds of sessions & activities
  • Additional Features listed below
  • Monthly billing

Version 4.0 FEATURES:

  • Choose from 5 different Language options: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic and Chinese
  • Mac, PC and tablet compatible via our online platform
  • Create a single drill in minutes
  • Easily create a session from multiple drills
  • Customize your profile with Name, Language and Team Logo
  • Create your own library of all your drills and sessions
  • Import hundreds of drills and sessions from
  • Import files from Session Planner 2.0 and 3.0
  • Share your drills and sessions with other Session Planner users via Permalink
  • Print or Create PDF files of your drills and sessions
  • Share your drills and sessions with other coaches via PDF
  • Print out 1, 2, 3, or 4 drills per page on clean, professional looking templates
  • Choose from 9 field views and 75 different players
  • Choose from many different goal options
  • Choose from many different field objects and equipment pieces
  • Add letters or text boxes to your diagrams
  • Add text for Setup, Instructions and Coaching Points