Can I use my drills and sessions from Session Planner 2.0 or 3.0 in the new 4.0 version?
Yes! First, you need to locate the “Drills & Sessions” folder from your old desktop version and create a zip file to upload.  This is most easily done by right clicking on Session Planner 2.0 or 3.0 on your desktop, select “Open original file location” and there you will see your “Drills & Sessions” folder.  Right click to “compress” or “zip” this folder.  Then, open your new Session Planner 4.0 Library and click “Import” from the top menu.  You will then be able to choose this zip file to upload into your new Session Planner 4.0 library.  Some slight adjustments may need to be made after import, especially to 2.0 xml files since we had some field view changes after that version.
What browser should I use for the best Session Planner 4.0 experience?
For best user experience, please use: IE 11 on Windows OS, Firefox 39 or greater, Google Chrome 43 or greater, Safari 8 or greater on Mac, Safari 8.4 or greater on iOS, or Android Browser 4.1 or greater. Making sure you are running the latest version of your browser is very important and will give you the best results. Our favorites are Chrome, Firefox and Safari.
How do I update my team name, language and logo?
You can create your profile from the “Home” page of Session Planner 4.0 by clicking on the flag icon in the top menu bar.  Then enter your name, select your language and upload a logo.  These will appear on your print outs / PDFs.
After I place a player, piece of equipment, text or a line on the field, how do I move it?
Click on the “Select & Drag” tool at the top of the “Select & Draw” box.  You will then be able to select that object and move it where you want it with your mouse pad or keyboard arrows.  If you want to delete the object, simply select it, then click the “x” box that
I am already a member, can I use the Session Planner?
Yes! You just need to upgrade your subscription to Premium. Log in and click on the “Subscriptions” tab in your account section.  You can then click to “Change Plan” your subscription and the amount of your next charge will be prorated based on where you are in your payment cycle.
How do I print my drill or session on one page with the new print templates?
You can choose to print 1, 2, 3, or 4 drills per page in the top menu once you click to Print a drill or session. Then, click print again and your printer dialog box appears, choose “A4” from the “Paper Size” drop down menu for optimal viewing/sharing. You can then send to your printer or create a PDF.