Affiliate Program

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As an affiliate, visitors to your website will be able to perform an online purchase and download of the Session Planner 3.0 software.

Any purchase of the Session Planner resulting from a link on your website is tracked.  Each month your business, club, or organization will recieve a commision check.

(We will review each  affiliate application to determine eligibility) uses for purchases and downloads of the Session Planner 2.0 software. keeps track of all affiliate sales and sends a check at the end of each month to each affiliate for their sales.  Affiliates can track sales through a control panel on  Signing up takes only a few minutes.

CLICK HERE to signup as an affiliate

Fill out the affiliate information form.

Once you have your affiliate account set up, you will request to sell the Session Planner.
After you follow the above steps we will receive an email and review your request.  We will contact you with the information needed to add a link to your website allowing visitors to purchase the Session Planner 3.0 directly from your website.

The link you put on your site will identify your affiliate ID to when the purchase is made so that you can be compensated each month.  You can use your control panel to track sales that come through your website.